Lawsuit alleges Mobile Infirmary ‘dumped’ man out in the cold to die

Lagniappe; October 30, 2013

On March 18, 2013, LeJuan Johnson died. The 24-year-old had HIV, but a lawsuit filed on behalf of his estate blames Mobile Infirmary, the city of Mobile, two security guards and five unnamed witnesses for the cause of his death. There is also allegedly video evidence, according to the court documents filed by Andy Citrin, the attorney for the estate .

The lawsuit, which was filed Oct. 24 in Mobile County Circuit Court, claims security guards Jerry Ripple and Shawn Poff “dumped” Johnson onto a sidewalk near Mobile Infirmary’s ER and left him there to die. Ripple is also a sergeant at the Mobile Police Department, which is why the city is also named in the suit.

On March 5, Johnson was brought to the ER by ambulance after suffering from “extreme weakness, altered mental status and nausea.”

The lawsuit claims Johnson was so weak that he could not take a single step on his own. However, the patient never received the treatment he sought, according to the lawsuit.

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