Jury Trials Make America Stronger

Despite the propaganda that might make you believe that jury trials are expensive and a wasteful drain on our system’s resources, jury trials consistently make America stronger. They are central to what makes America a unique and powerful nation. Yet jury trials in America are threatened by powers that want to control the will of the people.

We must understand the benefits that jury trials offer so that we can truly understand the reasons why they must be protected.

They Enrich the Lives of Jurors

Most people do not relish the thought of serving on a jury because they do not understand the rarity of the experience or what it offers them. When you serve on a jury, you are being given the opportunity to cast a very powerful vote. Instead of voting on a candidate who may or may not serve your interests in the government, you have become the government, with the power to make the final decision about the outcome of an important question that reaches far beyond the one case in question. This experience of control and power is rare in our lives, where so many of our decisions are made for us.

In addition, jurors are given a rare chance to see the workings of the legal system from the inside. They are instructed in the finer points of law, given an education that cannot be replicated in schools or other public forums. It is a unique experience that has the ability to improve America’s citizens.

They Check the Power of Large Entities

If in this country we value our individual freedom and want to stop the encroachment of the government, corporations, and others into our lives, then jury trials are the best tool we have. When a jury convenes, 12 ordinary citizens are given the power to make a decision that cannot be ignored, not by the government, not by the largest corporations, not by the wealthiest individual.

In a very real sense, jury trials ARE democracy in action.

They Preserve Human Resources by Promoting Safety

But perhaps the most important role of jury trials is the role they play in promoting safety for American citizens. In America, we have many important natural resources, but none of them is as important as our people. The ingenuity, spirit, and determination of the American people have made this country what it is. Jury trials help promote the safety of the American people, and in so doing protect our most vital resources. Jury trials have been instrumental in improving the safety of:

In each case, jury trials have protected more lives and enriched America by far more than the cost of the twelve people serving for days, weeks, or even months.

Don’t let corporations and other special interests take away your right to a jury trial. Join the fight today!