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Florida Man Arrested for Protesting Red Light Cameras

Autoblog; September 18, 2013

A Florida man was placed under arrest on Saturday morning in the city of
Apopka, for what local police are calling obstruction of an officer
without violence and a “pedestrian violation.” As this is Florida, you’d
be forgiven for thinking it was something insane. Rather, he was
protesting his fair city’s use of red light cameras.

66-year-old Mark Schmidter was on the corner handing out fliers to
motorists stopped at red lights. The double-sided fliers had a petition
and a message about a city council meeting, where citizens could voice
their concerns about red light cameras. This was all well and good,
until Schmidter was approached by a police officer.

Schmidter told the officer he didn’t have a permit for the protest, and
when asked for identification, responded that as he wasn’t driving, he
had no need for ID. When he continued to (peacefully) resist the
officer’s requests for identification or information about who he was,
the officer cuffed him and made an arrest.

Schmidter’s argument about the cameras was that, “Red light cameras are
all about money – not safety. Governments choose tax money over safety
of motorists.” Citizens across the country seem to support this
reasoning, with
finding that in 30 public referendums across the country, cameras have
been overturned 90 percent of the time. Schmidter was fined $65 for the
pedestrian violation and was held for 12 hours before being released on
$500 bond. His push to remove the red light cameras requires 500
signatures before a public referendum can be held.

Photographer Tails Drunk Driver 40 Miles And Police Never Show Up

Jalopnik; September 11, 2013

If you don’t have much faith in Washington D.C.-area law enforcement, the following story is not going to help at all. A TV news photographer followed a suspected drunk driver for 40 miles and called 911 eight times, but police never showed up.

WUSA9 reports that their photojournalist, Kurt Brooks, was driving home from work when he spotted an erratic driver in a silver Lincoln. He ended up following the driver for 40 minutes while they weaved in and out of traffic lanes and almost ran another motorist off the road.

Brooks started filming with his dash cam and called police, where in a stunning display of commitment to public safety, he was handed to a variety of law enforcement agencies including police in Bowie, Anne Arundel and the Maryland State Police.

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