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TX car dealer sued for repeatedly tasering employee

Autoblog; August 12, 2013

Tasers, while technically non-lethal devices, are not to be messed with.
Just ask a police officer that’s been tased in the name of training.
Besides the crippling pain brought on by the electric shock, tasers can
induce a number of heart conditions, up to and including heart attacks,
while a 2008 study by Amnesty International determined that 334 deaths had been caused by tasers from 2001 to 2008 in the US alone. Like we said, it’s not a toy.

Which makes the plight of Bradley Jones so awful. Over a nine-month
period, Jones was snuck up on and tased by his co-workers at Fred
Fincher Motors in Houston over two dozen times. To make matters worse,
it was videotaped and posted on YouTube, purportedly by the dealership’s
owner, Sam Harless.

Jones is no longer with Fincher Motors and has, not surprisingly,
lawyered up. He’s filed suit against Harless and his wife, Texas State
Representative Patricia Harless, who was part owner of the dealership.
Jones has also singled out two other co-workers in his suit. He accuses
the four of assault and battery and failure to provide a safe work

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